Spirit of Yorkshire distillery has whisky

15 June 2019

Over the last few years, quite a large number of new distilleries have been founded. One of the is Spirit of Yorkshire in England.

Different rule apply to whisk(e)y around the work; in England, spirit can only be called whisky once it has been aged in an oak barrel for three years. The Spirit of Yorkshire’s first casked distillate has now reached that milestone and can now be called whiskey Continue reading

Cooper King Becomes Latest Distillery Making English Whisky

14 June 2019

Cooper King distillery in Yorkshire, England, today announced that they had distilled their first whisky.

Cooper King logo

Cooper King is a self-built distillery which, from opening, was operating as a gin distillery, but always intended to be a whisky distillery. As many of the new breed of whisky distilleries, they distilled gin as it is away to quickly raise additional funds as gin does not need to be aged as whisky does.

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