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Old Pogue is a premium brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It is bottled a 45.5% abv (91 U.S. proof), with nine-year aging. The brand name is privately owned by members of the Pogue family.

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Location" Location: The Old Pogue Distillery, 716 W. 2nd St. Maysville, KY 41056
Visitor Visit Type: Vistor Centre
Email" Email: tours@oldpogue.com
Web" Web: http://www.oldpogue.com/
Twitter" Twitter: Old Pogue Distillery (@oldpogbrbn)

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LocationThe Old Pogue Distillery, 716 W. 2nd St. Maysville, KY 41056
FounderPogue Family


Tours are offered by appointment Thursday through Saturday at 11am and 2pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm. Visit the Old Pogue website and click the Book Now button to schedule a visit.

Tours usually last about an hour and include a complimentary tasting. Walk-in traffic is welcome from 11:00am to 4:00pm Thursday through Saturday, but beware that your host will likely have another job at the distillery besides tour guide and often times they will be unavailable or may not even be at the distillery. It's best to schedule an appointment to guarantee your experience.


The Pogue brand has a history dating back to around 1869. Its original distillery was Kentucky registered distillery number 3, in Maysville, Kentucky.[1] However, the brand's distillery was shut down by Prohibition. It was revived after 18 years and then shut down again during World War II. The brand was then off the market for about 60 years. The brand name was revived around 2005 by descendants of the Pogue family, who re-launched the brand using whiskey purchased from another company before opening their own new distillery.

The family established a new distillery in Maysville around 2012. In 2012, the company joined the Kentucky Distillers Association and the distillery became part of the newly launched "Craft Tour" of its Kentucky Bourbon Trail tourism marketing program.

Although the company has established a new distillery, it has not yet been in operation long enough to produce bourbon aged as long as what is used for the brand. The actual production of the brand has been contracted out to Kentucky Bourbon Distillers of Bardstown, Kentucky, which has used spirits distilled at the nearby Heaven Hill distillery for the product. Thus, the bottles for the modern (post-2010) brand identify Bardstown rather than Maysville on the label as the origin of the product.

One expression of the brand is a "Master's Select" bottling.

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