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Tullamore Dew is a brand of Irish whiskey produced by William Grant & Sons. It is the second largest selling brand of Irish whiskey globally, with sales of over 950,000 cases per annum as of 2015.

The whiskey was originally produced in the Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland, at the old Tullamore Distillery which was established in 1829. Its name being derived from the initials of Daniel E. Williams (D.E.W.), a general manager and later owner of the original distillery. In 1954, the original distillery closed down, and with stocks of whiskey running low, the brand was sold to John Powers & Son, another Irish distiller in the 1960s, with production transferred to the Midleton Distillery, County Cork in the 1970s following a merger of three major Irish distillers.

In 2010, the brand was purchased by William Grant & Sons, who constructed a new distillery on the outskirts of Tullamore. The new distillery opened in 2014, bringing production of the whiskey back to the town after a break of sixty years.

In 2012, a visitor centre was opened in a refurbished bonded warehouse previously belonging to the original distillery. The centre offers guided tours and tutored tastings ranging from 50 minutes to 5 hours in duration.

Location and contact details

Location" Location: Tullamore D.E.W. Visitor Centre, Bury Quay, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland
Visitor Visit Type: Vistor Centre
Email" Email: info[at]tullamoredew.com
Web" Web: https://www.tullamoredew.com/en-gb/visit-us/
Twitter" Twitter: Tullamore D.E.W. (@TullamoreDEW)

Facts and figures

LocationCo. Offaly
FounderDaniel E. Williams
OwnerWilliam Grant & Sons

Opening Hours

Opening Times:
Mon - Sat: 9.30 - 18.00
Sun/Bank Holidays: 11.30 - 17.00

Closed: December 24th – Jan 2nd inclusive


Curious Taster's Journey


Enter Tullamore D.E.W.’s Old Bonded Warehouse and get up close and personal with our history, and of their our whiskey, on this journey for the curious tasters among you.

You’ll be personally welcomed and guided by one of their whiskey experts from beginning to end. Starting with the birth of a blend and finishing with your very own triple tasting.

Whiskey Wise Masterclass


The masterclass lets you explore the depth of character in six of Tullamore Dew's finest whiskeys as you enjoy a tutored tasting.

They also delve into the character of Daniel E. Williams and the whiskey making process he perfected, as you are guided by one of their whiskey experts.

You conclude your tour with exclusive access to the D.E. Williams Branch House, where you can take a well-earned rest and put your new-found knowledge to good use.

Ultimate Distillery Experience


Become a personal guest at the Tullamore Distillery and take in the splendour of Distillery House.

The Distillery Ambassador will lead you through the production process from Still House to Warehouse. Then you enter the Blending Room for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to create your own unique blend of whiskey.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll soon feel part of the Tullamore D.E.W. family as you exchange stories by the fire with a rare glass of one of the exclusive blends.

Call to book: +353 57 93 25015


Whiskey Wise Masterclass (14:30 on 09/09/2018)

Tullamore Dew was my second distillery tour of my visit to Ireland. I did the Whiskey Wise Master Class which is an experience at the vistor centre in the old bonded warehouse and not the new distillery.

The tour was very good and intersting; the guide knew the subject and gave good overview of the both history and process of making Tullamore Dew. The visitor centre is very well laid out with some historical artifacts as well as some small reproductions of some copper pot stills (the guide wasn't sure if they were scaled down replicas oof the actual stills).

This was the first non-distillery visit I've done; it is a very different experience to visiting a distillery, even one which is silent at the time of visit.

On this tour you get to sample six 10ml samples of various Tullamore Dew whiskies. The guided tasting was well done with information provided on each of the samples whiskeies. The tasting occurs in the D.E. Williams Branch House which is a reproduction of an old store. Tastfully done and a near perfect place to sample the whiskies (leather wing back armchair in front of an open fire or woodburning stove required for perfection).

This was the third most expensive whiskey related experience I did in Ireland. It was good, but not as good as Kilbeggan where I did the Distillers Tour which cost only €2 more. Next time I am in Ireland I intend to return to Tullamore Dew and do the Ultimate Distillery Experience which, currently costs €150 and includes lunch and the behind the scenes tour at the distillery itself.

As a side note, the website says there is ample parking and followed the Tullamore Dew Visitor Centre signs, but I couldn't actually find any parking onsite and ended up parking on a nearby street. I was there on a Sunday so street parking was free, but during the week the street parking is pay and display.


The origins of Tullamore Dew date back to 1829, when a distillery was established in Tullamore by Michael Molloy. On his death, the distillery eventually passed to his nephew, Bernard Daly who later appointed Daniel E. Williams as the distillery's General Manager. Under Williams's watchful eye, the distillery expanded and prospered, launching the whiskey bearing his initials (D.E.W.), Tullamore Dew.

In 1954, the distillery ceased production, having, like many of those in Ireland at the time, been hit by declining sales due to a number of factors such as Prohibition, the Anglo-Irish Trade War and high taxes introduced by the Irish Free State.

In the 1960s, with whiskey stocks running low, rather than reopen the distillery, the owners opted to sell the brand to John Powers & Son, the Dublin distillers. In 1966, John Powers & Son merged with two other Irish distilleries to form Irish Distillers. In the 1970s, Irish distillers closed their existing distilleries and consolidated production at a new distillery built in Midleton, County Cork.

In 1994, Irish Distillers, then concentrating their international focus on promoting Jameson Irish whiskey, sold the brand to the C&C Group. Subsequently, the C&C Group divested their entire liqueur and spirit business (including Tullamore Dew), which was acquired by William Grant & Sons for €300 million in 2010. At which point, Tullamore Dew was still being produced under license by at the Midleton Distillery. Therefore, as expansion of the brand was dependent on the availability of whiskey from Midleton, and with significant growth envisaged, William Grant & Sons opted to construct a new distillery in Tullamore, rather than depend on outsourced production.

Construction of the distillery is to take place on a phased basis. Phase one was completed in 2014, which saw production of whiskey return to Tullamore for the first time in sixty years. The new distillery has the capapability to produce both malt and pot still whiskey. However, it does not yet have a Coffey still installed to allow the production of grain whiskey. Therefore, as Tullamore Dew is a blend of all three varieties of Irish whiskey, the grain whiskey component of the blend will continue to be sourced from Midleton until phase two is completed.

As of 2015, the whiskey sells about 950,000 cases per year (an amount that has doubled since 2005).

Information correct as of 04/10/2018
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